Petri Karjalainen

  Petri is a managing partner of ECAP Investments 

Petri has more than 25 years experience in in senior roles in private equity and listed markets from banks and financial institutions in London, Helsinki, and Singapore. Prior to his role in ECAP Investments he was a Managing Partner at Equest Partners (London) managing Private Equity funds for emerging markets with USD 800 million in assets under management as well as Managing Director of ING Bank – Williams de Broe (London/Helsinki) where he founded the company’s investment management operation in Finland with assets under management in excess of EUR 1 billion. He is currently serving as Executive Chairman in Cemos Group Plc and its subsidiaries, based in southern Morocco.

Naomi Kora

Naomi is responsible for investor relations for ECAP.

She has six years experience in investor relations and corporate communications for Londin Stock Exchange listed companies, managing a shareholder base of 100+ global institutional investors. Naomi holds a Bachelor of Science and is working towards a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland.